2016 – not all bad!

2016 – not all bad! What’s the first word you think of when you look back on 2016? I can hazard a guess – ‘uncertain’, ‘tumultuous’, maybe ‘historic’, maybe something less polite! But for me the word is ‘inspiring’.

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Getting to know Impact Management

Over three years ago Impetus-PEF took the decision to support charities to get much better at the services they deliver – to master impact management.

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Transparency is an open goal for charities

Sepp Blatter, Qatar, Big Sam. I don’t need to say any more to show that football and transparency aren’t exactly easy bedfellows these days. So it’s great to see a football charity, Street League, leading the way on transparency.

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Why TeachFirst are right – pupils need to learn about university early

A report released from TeachFirst today urges universities to spend their funds for widening access on teaching primary school children about university or poorer pupils will miss out. Our CEO, Andy, shares his thoughts on their report.

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Theresa May’s new job is nearly sorted, now she needs to help young people with theirs

It feels foolish to make any predictions at the moment. But barring an upset of Leicester-winning-the-league proportions, Theresa May will be our next Prime Minister. Regardless of your politics, certainty is a scarce and valuable commodity right now, so it’s good to know who will lead the country through the unpredictable times ahead.

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The power of pro bono

We are grateful to be supported by over 400 volunteers who give their time and expertise pro bono every year to transform the way our charity partners work and the impact they make.

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