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EY Foundation & Impetus

Our partnership with Impetus is a great opportunity to harness both their deep experience of working with young people and extensive networks from across the sector. This will ensure we achieve the greatest possible impact in support of young people from low-income backgrounds; helping them to fulfil their potential in the workplace

– Maryanne Matthews, Chief Executive, EY Foundation

The need: Young people from disadvantaged backgrounds are twice as likely to be neither earning or learning than their better-off peers.

Our charity partner: The EY Foundation delivers programmes supporting young people facing barriers to securing fulfilling employment. Their programme helps young people to find and keep a job through skills development, mentoring and work experience.

Our impact: With our support the EY Foundation have honed their programmes, ensuring they are focused on supporting disadvantaged young people to secure employment. We've also helped the EY Foundation examine the the way they work with employers, helping them to develop a more deliberate approach to ensure suitable jobs are available.

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