Place2Be & Impetus

Without Impetus’ investment we simply would not have been able to scale and grow our work with young people in the way that we have done.

– Catherine Roche, CEO, Place2Be

The need: One in eight children have a mental health problem and this can lead to difficulties fulfilling their potential at school and going on to find and keep jobs.

Our charity partner: Place2Be is the leading provider of mental health support in schools. They help to build resilience in children through a combination of talking, creative work and play.

Our impact: Place2Be has grown from 166 primaries and eight secondary schools in 2013 to 295 schools nationwide today. Over this time, we’ve helped extend their work beyond primary schools, helping them roll out their support to 50 secondary schools and supporting 115,000 pupils. We’re now working with them to rigorously test their impact on young people’s mental health and attainment.

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