Power2 & Impetus

Beyond their financial investment, Impetus’ support has built our capacity and confidence to pursue an ambitious strategy.

– Julie Randles, CEO, Power2

The need: Young people who are disengaged from school are at greater risk of exclusion, getting no qualifications and failing to get into work or training.

Our charity partner: Power2 runs a programme called Teens and Toddlers for disengaged pupils or pupils at risk of dropping out of school. They provide them with work experience in a local nursery mentoring a toddler, while also building the life skills they need to succeed at school and in work.

Our impact: Our work with Power2 has centred on helping them develop a strong business model and improvements to their Teens and Toddlers programme. As a result, 85% of Teens and Toddlers participants improved their confidence last year and 68.5% of pupils who weren’t performing to their full academic potential had improved by the end of the programme. We’ve helped them to show that their approach works and to attract new funding. We were partners with other investors in a social impact bond for the Teens and Toddlers programme that was the first globally to meet its targets successfully.

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Mentoring with a twist: the Teens and Toddlers story

Ever thought it might work to pair a teenager who is finding it hard to do well at school as a mentor to a toddler in a nursery? This is the model developed and pioneered by award-winning charity Power2 – a long-standing Impetus charity partner.

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Educational attainment

Only 41% of young people on free school meals pass English and maths GCSEs, compared with 69% of all other pupils. With the right support, we can make life after school fairer.

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Backing Charities

Impetus finds, funds and builds the most promising charities focused on transforming the lives of disadvantaged young people.

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2016 – not all bad!

2016 – not all bad! What’s the first word you think of when you look back on 2016? I can hazard a guess – ‘uncertain’, ‘tumultuous’, maybe ‘historic’, maybe something less polite! But for me the word is ‘inspiring’.

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