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We’ve become a stronger and more effective charity because of the continued injection of expertise from Impetus.

– Kevin Munday, Managing Director, ThinkForward

The need: Young people from disadvantaged backgrounds with no qualifications struggle to make the transition from school to work. Early engagement and long-term support can help.

Our charity partner: Founded by us in 2011 and an independent charity since 2016, ThinkForward works with schools to identify young people most at risk of unemployment and provides them with a dedicated coach from age 13 to 18. The coaches help them to deal with the challenges holding them back and to build the skills they need to get and keep a job.

Our impact: ThinkForward has grown from a small pilot working in just three schools in 2011 to 17 schools across north east London, Nottingham and Kent. Now 88 per cent of ThinkForward’s graduates on free school meals go on to education, employment or training at 18 compared to a national average of 68 per cent.

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2016 – not all bad!

2016 – not all bad! What’s the first word you think of when you look back on 2016? I can hazard a guess – ‘uncertain’, ‘tumultuous’, maybe ‘historic’, maybe something less polite! But for me the word is ‘inspiring’.

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