COVID -19 Crisis Response Fund

The Covid-19 crisis will make things harder than ever for the young people we work with.

Young people from disadvantaged backgrounds fall further behind when they’re not in school. They’re more likely to have their grades under-predicted and fall foul of student number caps, which will affect their chances of going to university. And as jobs become scarcer, they will be the first to lose out.

Thankfully, we work with the charities best equipped to help with precisely these challenges. And over the past few weeks they’ve simply blown us away.

They’ve been rapidly adapting their programmes to deliver meals to hungry children, to enable learning to continue online, to speak to thousands of home bound children simply to check in.

It hasn’t been easy but we’ve been shoulder-to-shoulder with them to help them adapt programmes and reforecast plans. And now we need your help to enable us to do more.

We don’t know how long this crisis will last but the longer it does, the harder it will be for even the best charities to hold on. None of us want to lose the great programmes and charity leaders we’ve invested in; they will be needed more than ever when the immediate crisis is over and we start to rebuild.

So we are asking to give whatever you can spare to our new crisis response fund. We need you now more than ever.