Our team

Andy Ratcliffe

Chief Executive Officer

“On GCSE results day, I met one of our charity CEOs. Their students got incredible results – the charity had made a big impact. But the first thing the CEO told me was about how the charity needed to do better for the young people who hadn’t done as well. I love that restlessness. We shouldn’t be satisfied until all young people get the support they need to succeed. I know my team, our partners, and I will stay restless until we get there.”

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Aishah Akthar

Philanthropy Assistant

"Since joining Impetus, I have had the opportunity to witness the remarkable work that our charity partners do to help transform the lives of disadvantaged young people. It's a privilege to work for an organisation that follows a unique model with sustainable impact on disadvantaged young people, ensuring that they are succeeding in school, work and life."

Alicia Tompsett

Philanthropy Officer

It’s been fantastic having the opportunity to attend volunteering sessions and celebration events with our charities like IntoUniversity and Resurgo. Every time I go, I hear the stories of the young people our work helps and it always makes me so proud to be a part of Impetus. What we do is so unique and worthwhile!

Aoife Gibson-Ebsworth

Executive Assistant to CEO

On my first away day with Impetus, the CEO was asked why he chose to work for the organisation. His response was so moving and passionate. I see that passion in every member of the Impetus team every day, and it is truly amazing to be a part of that team.

Ben Gadsby

Research and Policy Manager

“Too many of my friends from school didn’t get the opportunities I did, but the charities Impetus works with are putting that right. I love to hear the inspirational before and after stories from the young people those charities work with. Transformational change is possible.”

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Chiku Bernardi

Investment Director

“At our team away day we held some success and failure awards – which were both hilarious and poignant. It felt great to see everyone in crazy wigs, cheering each other on. We hit gold every time we mix our robust and driven culture with caring and fun.”

Claudia R. Knights

Development Director

When I volunteered with one of our charities at an East London school, I saw that they had made a remarkable difference to young people - improving their grades at school and future aspirations. The charity was clear: they increased their impact by working with Impetus. This has given me confidence that the money I raise from donors really is a great investment.

Daniel Barker

Senior Philanthropy Manager

“I was lucky enough to attend one of our Impact Management Programme training sessions. As well as reminding me that I work with brilliant people, it was the first time I truly appreciated how difficult and how meaningful our work is. Considering the tough decisions that are needed to really put young people first and get the best results possible was an eye-opening experience.

David Edgar

Chief Operating Officer

Bio coming soon.

Elisabeth Paulson

Portfolio Director

When a charity CEO or Chair tells me what’s not working in their organisation or who they are failing – it is a sign of the trust and openness. That’s what’s inspiring, because it’s key to our partnership. Only then can we really help.”

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Feruza Afewerki-Abraha

Operations Officer

“I love being a part of such a passionate, talented and dedicated team. Throughout my time here, I’ve really been inspired by the creative and resourceful solutions in approaching tough challenges this organisation is committed to pursuing.”

Gabrielle Hamill

Investment Associate

“I had the opportunity to go to a Driving Impact workshop for our charity Power2. It was so interesting to see our Investment team work on such important topics with them and to witness our model at work. It made me realise how great it is to work with such an inspiring, committed and kind bunch of people.

Harriet Gugenheim

Director of Philanthropy and Partnerships

“I love going to our volunteering sessions with donors and young people. One of my favourite memories was an afternoon in a city office with a group of young people and volunteers – at the beginning everyone was nervous and quiet. But by the end of the session, we were all hugging each other good-bye. It’s those moments, where our two worlds collide, when I really see the power of Impetus’ work.”

Harriette Foster

Investment Manager – Pro Bono

I love the moments where we’re able to improve the impact of our pro bono programme. It’s my job to understand how pro bono support can address the specific needs of our charities and of course, benefit our supporters too. It’s great to see our supporters, charities and our own staff working together to change young lives – that’s when we see the impact of our pro bono network.

Heather Poel

Philanthropy Manager (Engagement and Operations)

“Coming from a small education charity working with young people, I was truly inspired by the incredible work that Impetus do to support such a diverse range of charities, each uniquely helping disadvantaged young people to succeed. Since joining I’ve been struck by how passionate and intelligent everyone is and I’m looking forward to being part of such a great team driving for change.”

Isabella Horrocks

Investment Manager

Before joining Impetus, I co-founded a social enterprise. The funders and mentors who were most valuable to me and my team, were those who invested in a long-term relationship based on trust. Those partners respected us enough to know when to challenge us to do better and when we needed practical support. I’m looking forward to putting this into practice with our charity partners at Impetus.”

James Gubb

Investment Manager

“The big thing I learnt from running a social enterprise prior to joining Impetus is that for a charity to have long-lasting impact on a young person’s life it’s not enough to have a good heart or a great programme; it requires constant self-reflection, dispassionate awareness of performance and making seriously tough decisions day-in, day-out. What I love is that Impetus has the guts to challenge charities to do so, constantly asking the difficult questions and encouraging those in our portfolio to do better and better... and they tell us it’s working!

Josh Kernoghan

Events Coordinator

“Shortly after joining, I attended an event with one of our supporters. I was blown away by the passion of everyone in the room and their tangible investment in our unique way of working with a diverse range of charities. Our model helps so many young people go on to achieve their dreams and turn their lives around.”

Katherine Holdway

Human Resources and Learning Manager

“Within a few weeks of joining Impetus I got the opportunity to attend the annual Transforming Lives Dinner, it was great to see the way all staff came together to ensure the event was a success. More importantly, it was inspiring to see the young people that Impetus helps. Watching their personal journeys in the Impetus 2018 film really highlighted the importance of our work and made me feel proud and excited to have joined an organisation that is committed to making a real difference to young people’s lives.”

Kirsten Baumback

Head of Events

Every time I look around the office, I am in awe of the incredible group of people that work here. Each individual is intelligent, kind, passionate about their work, funny, and dedicated. What more could you ask for in a workplace?

Lara Viesis

Philanthropy and Events Assistant

Bio coming soon.

Lizzie Pring

Head of Communications

Going along to a Driving Impact workshop in my first couple of months took my breath away. That our charity partners and their staff feel able to trust us enough to share their innermost workings with honesty and openness spoke volumes to me. The more I learned about Impetus, the more invested I felt. Here was a charity helping the sector in the most unusual but sensible way. Meeting the inspiring folk who would later become my colleagues only cemented those first impressions.”

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Luke McCarthy

Investment Director

The first of Impetus’ Performance Management Working Groups was a fantastic example of how we facilitate best practice sharing across our charities, many of which are grappling with the same challenges around the effectiveness of their programmes and how they track young people’s progress. Through their relationship with us, our charities are able to share expertise on how to overcome these challenges to provide the best opportunities for the young people they support.”

Magdalene Bayim-Adomako

Investment Director

A little while ago, I heard from a head teacher of a school in a very deprived area of the country. They were struggling with smaller budgets. Despite this, they kept the services of our charity partner – which they said were fundamental to the wellbeing of their children. That made me realise the importance of our work with our charities."

Dr. Maria Neophytou

Director of Public Affairs

“I was representing Impetus at a policy event when a government minister came up to me to say she’d been looking forward to meeting us because she had heard about the great work we do with charities. She knew who we were, and for the right reasons! That was priceless."

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Nathalie Versavel

Communications Assistant

“From my very first day at Impetus I could tell that it was a really special place to work. And when I started mentoring a young person from ThinkForward – one of our charity partners – that’s when I really felt inspired. To see the impact of our work firsthand has been truly amazing.”

Neha Mahendru

Investment Director

“I was lucky enough to go to an employability day with one of our charities and their young people who’ve been excluded from school. When we stepped into a glamorous fashion office, the teenagers looked around in awe – they’d never been inside a place like that. Yet one of the girls on the programme was so engaged that she’s gone on to do a fashion apprenticeship. Just brilliant.”

Sam Windett

Director of Policy

“Having worked in the voluntary and private sectors, and with public sector bodies for many years, I’ve always wanted to combine the best of them into one organisation – and Impetus is the closest I’ve experienced to it being managed successfully. And we don’t lose our focus on the frontline. Within the first week of joining I was celebrating young people’s achievements at an awards ceremony in Hammersmith, talking to the charity partner CEO, young people and their parents about the impact of the work we support. That has to be the starting point of our policy and advocacy work and is drives me to help transform more young people’s lives for the better.”

Sarah Young

Investment Director

"The reason I love what I do is the close partnership that we have with our charity CEOs. They are an extremely inspirational group of individuals and it is a privilege to help them overcome the inherent challenges that come with running an organisation that tackles social disadvantage head on. A recent great moment for me was being able to bring in a pro bono expert to help a CEO think about how their leadership team would need to develop to manage future growth. An hour and half of conversation later and the answer was much clearer!"

Sebastien Ergas

Investment Director

Ending a first meeting with a potential charity partner and saying to myself ‘this Chief Exec takes nothing for granted, is very reflective about her charity's impact and is open about her leadership challenges' – that, was a very exciting moment, and the start of a great partnership.

Sherine Mahmoud

Investment Director

“The times I’m working with a charity’s leadership team, going through performance data and we have that light bulb moment when we can see how to improve results that’s the magical moment. And then from there we build a plan together to make that change happen. Every time we have that moment, and kick off a change, it reminds me of how much I love working at Impetus helping great charities to have an even bigger impact on young people’s lives. It’s hard work, but it’s so worth it.”

Suzanna du Plessis

Philanthropy Manager (New Business and Co-Investment)

"When I worked in wealth management, my clients would tell me that their main concern when it came to philanthropic giving was not knowing whether their donations were having a measurable impact. So, when I found Impetus and their innovative approach finding, funding and building charities, I was interested. Since joining Impetus, I’ve been surrounded by a team who genuinely want to make a difference to the lives of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds."

Tamara Baleanu

Investment Manager

"Witnessing a charity leader's light bulb moment is exhilarating, whether it's to do with using data to improve the outcomes of their young people or developing a new five-year strategy for their organisation. It's such a privilege to get to play a part in it."

Will Simpson

Finance Manager

“When we hosted our annual Transforming Lives Dinner, I was able to meet a number of young people from our charities. A young man told me how one of our charities had helped him gain confidence and the skills to obtain a meaningful job. This illustrated to me just how much of an impact our work can have on the lives of young people.”

Zoë Northridge

Digital Communications Manager

For me, it was the moment I saw Hafso stand up on stage at our Transforming Lives Dinner. Here was a young woman who had been through so many hard times. Yet she had the courage to feature in our film – and tell a room full of 400 strangers. She changed her life around. She said that she couldn’t have done it without our charities. Without us. In that single moment, I realised that all my hard work was worth it.