Our team

Ben Gadsby

Research and Policy Manager

“Too many of my friends from school didn’t get the opportunities I did, but the charities Impetus works with are putting that right. I love to hear the inspirational before and after stories from the young people those charities work with. Transformational change is possible.”

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Lizzie Pring

Head of Communications

Going along to a Driving Impact workshop in my first couple of months took my breath away. That our charity partners and their staff feel able to trust us enough to share their innermost workings with honesty and openness spoke volumes to me. The more I learned about Impetus, the more invested I felt. Here was a charity helping the sector in the most unusual but sensible way. Meeting the inspiring folk who would later become my colleagues only cemented those first impressions.”

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Dr. Maria Neophytou

Director of Public Affairs

“I was representing Impetus at a policy event when a government minister came up to me to say she’d been looking forward to meeting us because she had heard about the great work we do with charities. She knew who we were, and for the right reasons! That was priceless."

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Nathalie Versavel

Communications Officer

“From my very first day at Impetus I could tell that it was a really special place to work. And when I started mentoring a young person from ThinkForward – one of our charity partners – that’s when I really felt inspired. To see the impact of our work firsthand has been truly amazing.”

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Sam Windett

Director of Policy

“Having worked in the voluntary and private sectors, and with public sector bodies for many years, I’ve always wanted to combine the best of them into one organisation – and Impetus is the closest I’ve experienced to it being managed successfully. And we don’t lose our focus on the frontline. Within the first week of joining I was celebrating young people’s achievements at an awards ceremony in Hammersmith, talking to the charity partner CEO, young people and their parents about the impact of the work we support. That has to be the starting point of our policy and advocacy work and is drives me to help transform more young people’s lives for the better.”

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Zoë Northridge

Digital Communications Manager

For me, it was the moment I saw Hafso stand up on stage at our Transforming Lives Dinner. Here was a young woman who had been through so many hard times. Yet she had the courage to feature in our film – and tell a room full of 400 strangers. She changed her life around. She said that she couldn’t have done it without our charities. Without us. In that single moment, I realised that all my hard work was worth it.