Our team

Andy Ratcliffe

Chief Executive Officer

“On GCSE results day, I met one of our charity CEOs. Their students got incredible results – the charity had made a big impact. But the first thing the CEO told me was about how the charity needed to do better for the young people who hadn’t done as well. I love that restlessness. We shouldn’t be satisfied until all young people get the support they need to succeed. I know my team, our partners, and I will stay restless until we get there.”

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David Edgar

Chief Operating Officer

Bio coming soon.

Elisabeth Paulson

Portfolio Director

When a charity CEO or Chair tells me what’s not working in their organisation or who they are failing – it is a sign of the trust and openness. That’s what’s inspiring, because it’s key to our partnership. Only then can we really help.”

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Harriet Gugenheim

Director of Philanthropy and Partnerships

“I love going to our volunteering sessions with donors and young people. One of my favourite memories was an afternoon in a city office with a group of young people and volunteers – at the beginning everyone was nervous and quiet. But by the end of the session, we were all hugging each other good-bye. It’s those moments, where our two worlds collide, when I really see the power of Impetus’ work.”

Dr. Maria Neophytou

Director of Public Affairs

“I was representing Impetus at a policy event when a government minister came up to me to say she’d been looking forward to meeting us because she had heard about the great work we do with charities. She knew who we were, and for the right reasons! That was priceless."

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