Our team

David Edgar

Chief Operating Officer

"Hearing again and again from the charities we work with about the impact of what we do with them is really inspiring. And it’s been great to see the level of interest across the country in our Youth Jobs Gap research. The insights from that research have been really valuable."

Eleanor Harrison OBE

Chief Executive

Eleanor Harrison OBE joined as Chief Executive in September 2020. She has a wealth of experience leading non-profit teams around the world.

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Elisabeth Paulson

Portfolio Director

When a charity CEO or Chair tells me what’s not working in their organisation or who they are failing – it is a sign of the trust and openness. That’s what’s inspiring, because it’s key to our partnership. Only then can we really help.”

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Harriet Gugenheim

Director of Philanthropy and Partnerships

“I love going to our volunteering sessions with donors and young people. One of my favourite memories was an afternoon in a city office with a group of young people and volunteers – at the beginning everyone was nervous and quiet. But by the end of the session, we were all hugging each other good-bye. It’s those moments, where our two worlds collide, when I really see the power of Impetus’ work.”

Dr. Maria Neophytou

Acting CEO

“Every young person can succeed regardless of their background’, isn’t just the vision which guides us, it’s the manifesto of our times. You couldn’t ask for a better team, a more vital mission or more motivating work than you’ll find at Impetus."

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Sebastien Ergas

Director of Strategy and Impact

Ending a first meeting with a potential charity partner and saying to myself ‘this Chief Exec takes nothing for granted, is very reflective about her charity's impact and is open about her leadership challenges' – that, was a very exciting moment, and the start of a great partnership.

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