Board of Trustees

Hanneke Smits (Chair)

Newton Investment Management

“Impetus helps more children succeed in education and more young adults move successfully into work, through a combination of financial support, the skills of their staff and pro-bono support. I have seen their impact. For example, Resurgo (one of their charity partners) originally started with a centre close to where I live and has been able to expand rapidly through its partnership with Impetus.”

Louis G Elson (Deputy Chair)

Palamon Capital Partners

“All of us harbour an innate desire to support people who are less fortunate than ourselves and to do so in the most compelling and effective way. Figuring out ‘how’ is typically our biggest challenge. I’ve committed my energy, time and capital to Impetus for over a decade because it meets that challenge. With reach, depth, precision and power, Impetus is making positive change a reality for thousands of young people.”

Lionel Assant


“Quite simply, Impetus truly transforms the lives of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. By helping them to succeed at school or to find work though the support of our charities, Impetus allows them to fulfil their true potential. To be a small part of that is a privilege and hugely rewarding.”

Bill Benjamin

Ares Management

“It has often been said that the best anti-poverty measure is a job. By focusing on education and employment for disadvantaged young people, Impetus is at the forefront of combating inequality, which is the most pressing social issue of our time.”

Marc Boughton

CVC Capital Partners

“I support a number of charities working with young people but the thing that makes Impetus different is the investment rigour we bring. For charities as well as businesses, passion and a good idea are not enough, you need the discipline to build an organisation that can deliver sustainably and cost-effectively. Thanks to our roots in private equity we have deep experience of helping businesses succeed and we put that knowledge to work to help our charities succeed for the young people they serve.”

Craig Dearden-Phillips MBE

Stepping Out

“Impetus helped the charity I founded, VoiceAbility, with investment and know-how to move from local to national impact. I was so impressed by their uniquely brilliant model for growing social impact for breakthrough social sector organisations, that I joined the Board of Impetus.”

Professor Becky Francis, FAcSS

UCL Institute of Education

"Much education policy and philanthropic attention is rightly focused on younger children, and closing gaps early. But what of the many young people from disadvantaged backgrounds who leave education with few qualifications at 16? Impetus has chosen to work with young people during a hugely important period in their lives, using evidence-based means to ensure that the support is really effective."

Nikos Stathopoulos

BC Partners

“It’s more than ten years since I joined a group of friends from the private equity world who came together to make a difference. We were motivated by a desire to give young people a fair shot in life, whatever their background. I’ve learned a lot along the way. That doing good is much harder than it appears, that it takes time and great people, and most importantly passion and energy. But I’m so proud of what we’ve done and what we’re going to achieve in the years ahead.”

Lisa Stone

(formerly) HgCapital

“Impetus is like no other charity I have come across. Yes they help to provide funding to their family of charities, but more importantly they provide the critical skills and support needed to help these organisations to grow and develop. The transformation that can be achieved is astonishing and the impact it has on young people’s lives is truly remarkable.”

Simon Turner


“Impetus works with brilliant charities to help scale and improve outcomes for disadvantaged young people. Their model is proven and highly successful. And they bring much needed long-term financial and strategic support to their charity partners. Combining the passion of charity workers with the resources and discipline of Impetus creates amazing results.”

Shani Zindel


"Having been a trustee of an Impetus backed charity, I have seen first-hand the impact they have. It is so much more than just money. It is advice, challenge, access to experts and above all a real clarity of focus on impact of the charity."

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